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so this is me, Elisha. I will post random pictures of random people and of random things.
I love a bit of everything including
Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Aaron Paul, Jordan Smith, Robbie Amell, JLS, Bastille, The Tomorrow People, Breaking bad and Home and Away.
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  • hudgens-online:

    Hi lovebugs, Cece  (Owner of Team Hudgens NYC ) here!

    I decided to create this video to show Vanessa how much we’ll always love and support her no matter what bumps end up on this road of life.  

    Vanessa is a Human being and a normal person just like us. Yes she’s a “celebrity” but she is a selfless, gentle, kind, and amazing human who deserves the world and if not, more. Vanessa is filled with love and life and that’s inspiring and I’m honored to say that I look up to someone like her. She’s not perfect but she’s as close as it gets. 

    Thank you to all of the lovebugs (60+ of you) whom participated in this secret project. I’m very thankful that you guys take the time out of your day to send in messages. It makes my heart warm but hey, Anything for Vanessa. 

    Please tweet Vanessa this video and show her how much we love her and care for her! It has taken me 20 hours ( with no sleep)  to put this together and I’m very proud of it.  Thank you for everything lovebugs, and I hope you enjoy this video.

    Enjoy, vanessahudgens! I love you.

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  • controlyourface:

    This man is smiling because he’s just cooked a 96.2% pure batch of crystal meth for Don Eladio. (in make up, Breaking Bad behind the scenes, Salud S4E10)

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  • damnn he’s cute that smile!! Catch Zac q&a on twitter tonight

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  • this as a postcard

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  • throwback 17 again

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